Avi at Black's Beach
My first - maybe my last - trip to Black's Beach was totally worth it to get these shots of this beautiful man.
160715-Nude Avi-002.jpg
160715-Nude Avi-006.jpg
160715-Nude Avi-008.jpg
160715-Nude Avi-017.jpg
160715-Nude Avi-022.jpg
160715-Nude Avi-031-Edit.jpg
160715-Nude Avi-031.jpg
160715-Nude Avi-035.jpg
160715-Nude Avi-037.jpg
160715-Nude Avi-041.jpg
160715-Nude Avi-049.jpg
160715-Nude Avi-051.jpg
160715-Nude Avi-056.jpg
160715-Nude Avi-057.jpg
160715-Nude Avi-058.jpg
160715-Nude Avi-062.jpg
160715-Nude Avi-063.jpg
160715-Nude Avi-064.jpg
160715-Nude Avi-065.jpg
160715-Nude Avi-067.jpg
160715-Nude Avi-069.jpg
160715-Nude Avi-074.jpg
160715-Nude Avi-075.jpg
160715-Nude Avi-076.jpg